Cardio Barrelates
20 minutes of cardio aerobics, 20 minutes of barre, 15 minutes abdominal mat work. A fusion of cardio and barre exercise that will challenge and strengthen your core and especially your lower body.

Cardio Sculpt (w/ TRX)
Strengthen your entire body using our TRX total body suspension straps.  This class combines strength training circuits with intense cardio intervals.  This workout will challenge your metabolism, and help with weight loss goals by increasing your muscle strength.

Fit Fusion Barre
Chisel your waist and sculpt your upper and lower body in our blended barre class. This workout combines barre exercises, and powerful core strengthening moves that utilize your own body weight. The class concludes with abdominal mat exercises, and lengthening stretches. Our barre class is an intense feel good workout.

Fit Fusion Strength - Meet At Independence Park
Ignite your metabolism with intervals of cardio and strength!  This class is great for weight loss, to build strength, and maintain strong fitness conditioning.
We meet at Independence Park.  If there is inclement weather check our Facebook page an hour before class.  There will be an update.  If there is NO Facebook message class is held at the park.

Pilates Barre
A low impact fusion of classical Pilates movements & a full body barre workout. Feel the burn at the barre with high repetitions for toning, balanced with stretching & strengthening Pilates movements for improved posture and a more elastic spine.

Pilates Foam Roll Class
In this class we integrate the foam roller with Pilates mat exercises.  Challenge your balance and core strength while aligning your body. Towards the end of class we will foam roll all the hot spots out of your muscles.  Excellent class to develop core strength, mobility and alignment.

Pilates Reformer - Small Group Training
Pre Sign Up by emailing  Only 3 spots available. Using our Pilates reformer equipment you will flow through a sequence of core strengthening exercises.  Pilates equipment helps improve your abdominal strength, join mobility, and flexibility. No other exercise truly equals Pilates when it come to conditioning your core.

45 minutes of cardio pumping spin followed by 5 minutes of foam roll cool down.

TRX Barre Fusion
Half TRX & Half Barre = Amazing Total Body Workout.  The best of our favorite classes fused into everything you could ever want out of a core centered workout!

TRX Kickstarter
This class is meant for those of you who have taken a break from working out or are brand new to TRX. You will get an awesome total body workout with the guidance of a trainer leading you throughout.

TRX Strength
TRX stands for total body resistance exercise. Using a strap suspended from a beam, you will use your own body weight to perform exercises that work your muscles and challenge your core in a whole new and fun way. Danielle combines strength training circuits with cardio interval blasts that will rev up your metabolism and increase your muscle definition.