Start Your Practice Today

YogaImage.Tara.tagxedoWhenever I tell people I am a yoga teacher it is most often followed by them telling me how much they want to do yoga… then in short order a myriad of reasons why they have not or can’t.

So today, I bring you three quick reasons: Why you should start today! Followed by three quick ways to start a practice TODAY!

3 Quick Reasons: Why?
1) Possibility and Positivity

There is more to this life than the negativity we are pummeled by on a daily basis (i.e. The news, your boss, relationship drama). Start practicing today to let possibility and positivity engulf your life. The negativity in this world will not go away, but you will gain a better way of coming into contact with it.
Just like anything it will NOT come to you if you only practice once a month. Consistency is key.

2) Your Body will thank you.

There are endless benefits that your body will receive from the practice. I couldn’t possibly list them all but…

Twisting postures promote better digestion, think of it like the rinse cycle on your washing machine, only for your intestinal track. Lovely! The lengthening and strengthening of your back/spine will keep the back pain that plagues so many of us at bay. Have you ever felt what it feels like to BE in your FEET? Seriously. We are “on” our feet all day but to be “in” your feet is something really cool. If you are at all curious, what are you waiting for?

3) Give your Mind a break.
When you come to class it is your time to give someone else the keys to your car, let them do the thinking. You get to focus on the feeling, the movement, and your breath. Let go of all of the things you feel you need to be doing. The life tasks don’t go away but you will notice that through yoga you have gained access to a new way to navigate. Access to move throughout each day with ease and grace.

3 Quick Ways: How?
1)Sit Down (anywhere, seriously anywhere) Draw a Breath in through your nose for a count of 10, at the top of the breath pause, and exhale through your nose for a count of ten. Do this 5x’s
2)Come to a table-top position, inhale, bow and drop your spine down toward the floor, lift your head and heart up to the sky- Cat, Exhale, arch and round your spine toward the sky, Chin to Chest. Do this 5x’s
3)Clear your Calendar for Sunday from 9:30-10:45AM and meet me (Link to Bio Page, jump to Tara McGeachey) at Fitness Fusion. Let’s be well together.

Just remember you can roll out a mat anywhere, heck you don’t even need to roll out a mat! Just come as you are, be honest with who you are, and let the world fall in place around you.

Be Love,

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