Holiday Preview

December 27, 2013 Holiday Preview


We loved being a part of Downtown Bristol’s festive holiday preview this year!  We enjoyed passing out hot cocoa and tea cookies to all our new visitors and students.   It’s a joy to be a part of this quaint and charming small town filled with big hearts! We also had fun kicking off the snowflake raffle!  For every $25 spent on classes or training you will receive a raffle ticket that enters you into the snowflake raffle drawing which takes place on December 22nd.  If you’re unable to be present for the raffle drawing, you can give your ticket to the Good Neighbors Soup Kitchen and if your number is picked they will receive a cash prize of $500!

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What Does Yoga Feel Like?

Tera-205Someone recently asked me, “What does Hot Yoga feel like?” Having practiced heated vinyasa for about 10 years I thought this should be fairly easy. I found it very challenging.
Our perceptions of experiences are all different so my comfort might be your discomfort. To complicate matters more…my body today will be different than it will be tomorrow. So for me to tell you what it feels like… might not be as simple as it sounds.

To me it feels like active relaxation. It feels like giving my muscles love and my mind ease. It is not “easy” but you should find “ease” in the movements. There are times that it is uncomfortable (but not painful) , times where my body wants out of a pose, can’t take the temperature, and dislikes the instructor (sometimes the instructor is me and I’m having a rough day).

In all that discomfort lies restraint and when we give ourselves to the moment that we are in… we are in yoga. This is what they talk about when they say “Letting Go.” In Savasana, we begin to realize that all the stories our mind created along the way were just that. Stories.

The reality is at the end of a class lying face up, palms open, heart receiving all the light that we have opened ourselves up to. It’s possible, that we are more amazing than we think.

So what does it feel like to you?

If you have not tried Yoga; be that heated, warm, or otherwise… give it a whirl. Be open to the fact that the style, the studio, the community, all plays into your experience. If your experience doesn’t work try something else. I invite you to come move with us at Fitness Fusion on Sunday’s at 9:30 AM. Beginners and beyond.

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Happy Healthy Holiday Challenge Kickoff!

Happy Healthy Holiday Kickoff!

We are here to help you stay motivated throughout the holiday season! We have a Happy Healthy Holiday Challenge in store for you and we’re launching it with some special classes, workshops and events! From TRX date night to nutrition workshops and 5Ks-join in on the fun and stay motivated throughout your holiday season!  For more information on how to enter our contest click here: NEWSLETTER


Picture 5

Picture 6

We’re kicking off our Happy Healthy Holiday Challenge with the Colt State Park 5K! Come run with us! Click on the following link to register and receive an early bird rate! Colt State 5K

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Start Your Practice Today

YogaImage.Tara.tagxedoWhenever I tell people I am a yoga teacher it is most often followed by them telling me how much they want to do yoga… then in short order a myriad of reasons why they have not or can’t.

So today, I bring you three quick reasons: Why you should start today! Followed by three quick ways to start a practice TODAY!

3 Quick Reasons: Why?
1) Possibility and Positivity

There is more to this life than the negativity we are pummeled by on a daily basis (i.e. The news, your boss, relationship drama). Start practicing today to let possibility and positivity engulf your life. The negativity in this world will not go away, but you will gain a better way of coming into contact with it.
Just like anything it will NOT come to you if you only practice once a month. Consistency is key.

2) Your Body will thank you.

There are endless benefits that your body will receive from the practice. I couldn’t possibly list them all but…

Twisting postures promote better digestion, think of it like the rinse cycle on your washing machine, only for your intestinal track. Lovely! The lengthening and strengthening of your back/spine will keep the back pain that plagues so many of us at bay. Have you ever felt what it feels like to BE in your FEET? Seriously. We are “on” our feet all day but to be “in” your feet is something really cool. If you are at all curious, what are you waiting for?

3) Give your Mind a break.
When you come to class it is your time to give someone else the keys to your car, let them do the thinking. You get to focus on the feeling, the movement, and your breath. Let go of all of the things you feel you need to be doing. The life tasks don’t go away but you will notice that through yoga you have gained access to a new way to navigate. Access to move throughout each day with ease and grace.

3 Quick Ways: How?
1)Sit Down (anywhere, seriously anywhere) Draw a Breath in through your nose for a count of 10, at the top of the breath pause, and exhale through your nose for a count of ten. Do this 5x’s
2)Come to a table-top position, inhale, bow and drop your spine down toward the floor, lift your head and heart up to the sky- Cat, Exhale, arch and round your spine toward the sky, Chin to Chest. Do this 5x’s
3)Clear your Calendar for Sunday from 9:30-10:45AM and meet me (Link to Bio Page, jump to Tara McGeachey) at Fitness Fusion. Let’s be well together.

Just remember you can roll out a mat anywhere, heck you don’t even need to roll out a mat! Just come as you are, be honest with who you are, and let the world fall in place around you.

Be Love,

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Your Best Investment is In Your Health!

Sandy is one of the most inspirational people I know.  She recently turned 70 and can do pushups, TRX rows, and plank it out longer then most.  Her attitude about life is uplifting and her willpower is admirable.  I feel lucky to have spent the past four years as Sandy’s personal trainer.  She has helped me realize the true power of exercise and it’s ability to transform, strengthen, and enhance a person’s life.

photo-1Whenever I take on a new client who is scared of getting started with weights or I see the look of discouragement in their eyes when they point out how weak they are, I reference Sandy.   I tell them about my 70 –year-old rock star who does Pilates with grace, lifts 24 lbs. over her chest while balancing on a stability ball, and just learned how to hold downward dog 2 years ago.

photoSandy started strength training in her early 60s and never looked back.  She has stuck with her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, crediting it for her strength, stamina, and wellbeing.  When I first met Sandy she was nursing and would sometimes come to a session the day after a 12-hour shift.  On those days we would take it easy and focus more on Pilates and stretching, and 90 percent of the time she always felt renewed after a session.  She has since retired from 40 years in nursing and has kept up with her weekly long walks as well as consistently doing Pilates, strength training and some yoga.

I asked Sandy what she has to say to people who say they’re too busy to workout. “Your best investment is in your health!  If you don’t take care of yourself how can you have enough energy to be there for your family? You have to make the time!”  she advises.  Sandy has created the habit of working out and says she wants to continue to exercise and focus on staying healthy well into her 90s.  I look forward to continuing our plank challenge together to see if she can hit a new personal best, since Sandy shows me that anything is possible!

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CocoMangoBerrynana Shake


Refreshing like a Caribbean cocktail!   Rehydrate and refuel with this protein packed tasty tropical shake.

1 cup 1/2 of Almond Milk

3/4 Cup Frozen Mang0, Strawberry, Pineapple Medley

1/2 Banana

1 1/2 Tbsp. Coconut Oil

1 1/2 Tbsp. Ground Flax Seed

1 1/2 Scoop Vanilla Whey Protein Powder

Now close your eyes and imagine  yourself drinking this shake in the Tropics!!

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Fit Mama & Me Class


The tots and moms had a blast in one of four free Fit Mama & Me Classes today!  We planked, lunged, walked and stretched with our little ones all while singing and laughing together.  Talk about making a workout go by fast!

The class consists of 3-4 blocks.  During the first block mom gets her sweat on and toddlers will be in their strollers while mom engages her child with exercises, games, and songs.  The little ones come out of the stroller for the second block and does abdominal mat exercises with mommy.  For the third block we play Mama Says, our version of Simon Says.  Mama has toddler follow her lead while she does various exercises and stretches.  And for our final block, weather permitting, mommy and me head outside for a walk along the bike path.

Class for 18-36 month olds will meet each Wednesday starting Sep. 11th at 9:30 AM.  We will meet at the studio and if the weather is nice we’re out the door and onto the bike path for a walk.

Class Price: $8 single class and $30 for a 4 Class Card

E-mail: to register for classes

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